Infusowhip Cream Chargers

Infusowhip Cream Chargers

Infusowhip Cream Chargers


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The Infusowhip Cream Charger is one of the most highly revered cream chargers in our online range.

Allowing you to whip up a whole host of tasty savory and sweet treats, these Mosa Cream Chargers are available in a variety of different pack sizes, including bundles of 10, 24, and 50.

The Infusowhip Cream Charger is fitted with N20 Nitrous Oxide gas. This is used throughout the catering industry due to the fact that it is a tasteless, non-flammable, and colorless gas that stops the growth of bacteria. Mosa cream chargers have the capacity to turn 1/2 liter of whipping cream to up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream, quickly and effectively!

Just one cream charger is able to whip up to 0.5 litres of liquid, whipped cream, desserts, mousses, or sauces!

To ensure the Infusowhip Cream Charger is able to stand the test of time in even the most demanding and challenging kitchen environments, all silver lacquered chargers are nickel coated to prevent rust when exposed to moisture.

Contains 45 cases per pallet.