Hose with rinse head for appliances

Hose with rinse head for appliances

Hose with rinse head for appliances



Ideal for any chef to keep their appliances spotless. Suitable for cleaning any number of waterproof appliance parts and surfaces. A 2 meter long hose brings many objects into range. Ergonomic handle with valve lever is comfortable to hold. Supplied with a dedicated holder that can be placed on oven housing (as indicated by technician) or on the wall using 3 screws. Jet is divided into a number of smaller ones using a strainer which increases the cleaning area covered. Water temperatures from 5°C to 85°C are ideal. Maximum water flow rate up to 11 L/m at pressure of 3 bar. Recommended supply water pressure: 3 bar. Operating pressure of supply water: 0.5 to 7 bar. PA66 nylon housing, metal parts made of chrome-plated steel. Water supply connection: ½” inner diameter.

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Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 56 × 42 × 2000 cm
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