CBD Gummies

Hemp Thrill’s CBD Gummies carry the delicious, sweet, fruity flavours you are craving – not to mention top-shelf cannabidiol that you will absolutely thrive on! With several size options available (4oz/8oz/16oz) and their associated concentrations (250/500/1000mg), you can easily find the order that suits your needs.

All Hemp Thrill items are lab-tested by third party lab facilities that guarantee the potency and purity of these top-shelf cannabidiol items. Each gummy includes a precise, balanced dose of CBD, so you always know what you’re getting.

CBD can be enjoyed by mouth one to three times a day. If this is your first time trying these incredible CBD Gummies, keep the dose low and wait three hours before taking more. This ensures that you will have a positive response to any flavouring or binding ingredients that have been used to make this product.

Oral CBD has an onset of approximately seventy-five minutes. Indulge every six to eight hours, or as directed. Hemp CBD is a beautiful complement to any lifestyle or daily routine.

Whether you’re on the work grind, performing athletically, or digging into some creative endeavours, Hemp Thrill is here to help. Enjoy these premium hemp snacks, gift a few to your friends and family, and watch how these sweet and succulent CBD Gummies take your regimen to the next level.

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