Saffron Tea

What an interesting subject to talk about! I want to mention this amazing spice because I have always been deeply curious about it. Finally it is here with us in Cloverleaf Distribution.

Let me start by telling you the story. Since time immemorial this spice has had many different uses, but always with a focus on nature, health, and cooking.

Saffron comes from India; it has always been a very versatile substance. The first data indicate that it was used as a spice five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, then it went to Egypt.  It was Arabs who introduced saffron to the Iberian peninsula and it spread from there.

A beautiful fact: because the saffron rose blooms at sunrise and must remain on the stem for as little time as possible as it withers and its flowers lose colour and aroma, it must be collected between dawn and ten in the morning.

Here at Cloverleaf Distribution we are honoured to sell this incredible spice. Saffron tea gives you relief from stress, improves efficiency, builds healthy cholesterol and improves the overall mood. In addition, the capsules we use are 100% vegan from plant-based material and not gelatine, and the tea is pure saffron.

Let us point out some benefits. Saffron:

  1. is antidepressive            
  2. protects against toxins  
  3. reduces appetite 
  4. improves memory
  5. takes care of your skin 

There are many more benefits that we could mention about this amazing spice but I want to bring up another important fact about saffron. The relief when you drink saffron tea is tremendous, and it is amazing when you cook with it too.

Now it is saffron’s turn in the kitchen. For a long time saffron has been used as a spice in multiple recipes (colouring and aromatic) to give a yellowish colour to food.

Not using saffron correctly can leave us dissatisfied or even ruin the full meal, so here are a few recommendations.

First things first, get quality saffron that is 100% saffron. The most recommended is Saffron in Thread since it is easy to identify. There are a few things you should know if you want to use it in your kitchen:

  1. Good saffron is roasted in a traditional way by experienced artisans, which give it an intense red colour. If it is dark or too black it means that it has lost its quality.
  2. The aroma that the spice gives off should be pleasant and soft, like a quality perfume.
  3. It should be kept away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place.   

That’s the end of our post from this week, we will see you next time 😊!

Six Tips to operate a more sustainable hotel kitchen

At Cloverleaf Distribution we know that retention is the key to success and the cultivation of sustainable employees protects the longevity of the business, having that in mind, we are on board to collaborate with all our hospitality colleagues.

Throughout this article we will talk about how to operate in a kitchen to be more sustainable.

As everyone knows nobody understands more about optimizing hotel kitchens than the chefs and their teams.

We consider the following ones the top 6 tips to improve the sustainability in your kitchens.

Whatever role you play in a hotel or restaurant, if you teach your team in a daily basis it will be really easy.

  1. Work from real-time occupancy/delegate forecasts and do not over-order or over-prepare breakfast or event buffets.
  2. Reduce the preheating time to fifteen minutes before an appliance is needed – this can save up to 60% of the energy used in cooking.
  3. Avoid thawing food under running water and avoid using running water to melt ice in sink strainers.
  4.  Introduce food waste reduction strategies and invest in technology to help you measure, manage and reduce food waste. 
  5. When oil starts boiling, turn hobs down to the minimum to simmer (boiling does not speed up the cooking process).
  6. Install fridges/freezers to fully aired spots, never close to heating equipment – you save up to 5% energy and reduce the temperature of 1°C in the room.

By focusing on these areas, hotel and restaurant staff will not only increase their sustainability standards, but also, they will improve the overall efficiency of the kitchen’s operation

Cloverleaf works in close partnership with our suppliers overseas to develop new and more environment-friendly products.

We truly aspire to maintain our status as a leading company providing a competitive advantage and appropriate standards for the environment.


People may not know this, but the cuisine of India is one of the most famous internationally.

The key to every cuisine is being prepared. If you love cooking Indian and Asian food, your kitchen should have all the right tools and gadgets needed for a successful and authentic meal.

Within Hindu cuisine, apart from the cooking methods known to all (frying, roasting, boiling, sautéing …), we found other traditional ones that have been maintained over the years such as  Korma, Tandoor and Curry

These are the top tools for Indian cuisine every Indian food lover should have in their kitchen for the easiest cooking!
You will never find an Indian kitchen without these 6 essentials; you can find them in our e-shop

Pressure cooker
Having a good quality pressure cooker is a must. Other than cooking lentils and beans, you can also cook a pulao or rice in the cooker. It gets ready in an instant!!!

The Belan is a type of rolling pin, specifically created for Indian flatbreads such as chapatis. Unlike typical rolling pins, the Belan is much smaller and lighter.

The balls of dough are spread out like pancakes with a roller and a board called Chakla Belan. They are cooked on a plate or a sort of stove called Tawa in India 

Kadai or Bottom Deep Fry Pan
A Kadai is like a wok but deeper with steeper sides and a flat bottom, which makes it ideal for deep-frying salty food and sweet treats.

Stainless Steel Knives
To cook an Indian dish, I bust out this very affordable and heroic knife, since Indian food prep is all about extra-fine chopping.
Although they do look delicate, they are dishwasher-friendly and very sturdy.

Tawa is certainly the best way to cook flatbreads such chapatis and rotis. It is a circular and slightly concave griddle pan.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right item to cook the perfect Indian meal, but we give you examples of similar equipment above.

Indian cuisine is renowned for its flavour. Flavour is only possible with great technique, that is why these Indian tools are going to help you perfect your technique and make your cooking easier!

See you next week… 😊

For a chef the kitchen is like a sanctuary, you don’t need to work in a kitchen to understand that this place is the chef´s office or in occasions their oasis.

Kitchen equipment and groceries are essential to creating a heavenly space for the food.

If you´re planning to open a new restaurant, then this blog will help you prepare your own checklist for the necessary equipment. For grocery and catering-related materials you can rely on Cloverleaf distribution


  1. Refrigerator– An integral part of any restaurant is its refrigeration system. Carefully selecting the right type of refrigeration for a new restaurant will ensure that your kitchen runs smoothly, and it will contribute to a positive experience for the staff and guests.
  2. Convection Oven– Are designed to achieve much better cooking results than standard ovens. They can often do this in as little as half the time and at much lower temperatures.
  3. Cutting boards– After a great chef´s knife, the tool we reach for most of the time is a cutting board. It is a flat, strong surface to prep on while protecting counters and plates from getting scratched.
  4. Knives– Essential for any chef, it is the magic wand of the dishes they create
  5. Cookware– Basic items to make sure that you create the best dishes for your guests.
  6. Shelves– Do not forget to get some extra storage for your pantry or your china.
  7. Griddle– Quick and dietetic cooking for these healthy lives that everyone wants nowadays, the grill or griddle increasing the joys of grilling.
  8. Linen- One of the essentials and chef-friendly tools inside our kitchen as it helps for various purposes like washing hands, holding utensils, cleaning the spills and drops, etc.
  9. Catering containers– Storing your food properly is one of the best ways to protect your guest from any issue, we give you a diversity of options to choose from here.
  10. Safety Equipment- Are essential and you will need to stock up all the required safety equipment in your kitchen.

This is one of future post where we will talk about different topics around the Food and Beverage life.

If you are interested in checking out more products for your kitchen, please go to


No, you may not.  They are powered by N20 (nitrous oxide) and these fall under the HAZMAT (hazardous material) list. 

To put it simply, they are oxidizers, or accelerants, which sets them among the ‘fire hazard’ elements.  Any kind of pressurized gas is subject to explosion, and the only exception to the air travel rule are personal medical oxygen cylinders.

However, this prohibition is not really a problem.  Cream chargers are easily available almost anywhere in the world.  Whether you are looking for the traditional bulb-type charger, each one of which will allow you to whip half a litre of cream, or the new Smartwhip charger for the professional kitchen, with a colossal 580 grams of E942 Nitrous Oxide, leaving your staff with their hands free to deal with the more demanding tasks of creative cookery, you should have no difficulty in finding what you need. 

Cloverleaf Distribution has ample supplies ready to go, and the distribution chain is simple and efficient.  Offering not only massive discounts, but also reliability of supply, and marketing tips and links, nobody, from the hobby or family cook to the most demanding teams of professional chefs in five star hotels throughout the world, should have any difficulty is finding cream chargers, no matter what the airlines may have to say about the matter.

Nobody today needs to be whipping cream with a hand whisk, or an electric beater.  Cream dispensers or whippers leave that chore back where it belongs, in the twentieth century, and skilled kitchen staff almost everywhere are using modern equipment, the cream whippers that do the job even better than the best work force.  Chefs, cooks and bar staff, cocktail waiters and baristas, presenting their creations to their customers with pride and professionalism, add the finishing touches of the swirl of cream to soup, the airy fluff to mousse, the tower to a colourful dessert, simply with the press of a lever.

Unless they happen to be airline cabin crew.

Sorry about that.

Whilst suppliers at all levels from major distributors to small retail outlets need to ensure they carry sufficient stocks of the favourites, it would not be wise of them to ignore new trends.

With the global beverage market estimated to rise from US$1,544.61 billion in 2018 to US$1.854.589 billion by 2024, suppliers need to keep themselves aware of the likely best-sellers.  If they do not stock the top five crazes in hot or cold drinks, they can be sure that their competitors will, and losing customers to the competition is the surest way to start their own trend – downhill.

Luckily, forward-thinking suppliers do not need to spend time every day checking detailed global statistics in order to make careful decisions about how many units of Arabica coffee to stock, as opposed to the new line from Columbia.  Speciality coffees are one of the fastest growing sectors in the hot drinks field, but which one will the customers request, and which may sit on the shelf beyond the date on which it can be sold? Do slow sales this week mean that the purchase was a mistake, or will they pick up after the new advertising campaign?

Cocktail waiters, chefs, cooks and baristas will certainly be looking at instafood, igfood, and the food photography that takes up an increasing percentage of the pages of popular magazines, and the best of them, or even the simply competent, will know what they need by way of ingredients.  That information will be passed back to whoever is responsible for ordering, but chefs and managers are not often statistical analysts, nor market forecasters.  Indeed, even those who are very knowledgeable tend to admit that knowing what will be popular next month, let alone next year, is a task for a crystal ball gazer rather than a market analyst. 

Cloverleaf Distribution is a recognised expert in this field, and it will not only offer unbeatable discounts to its customers, it can also guarantee reliability of supplies, and marketing tips and information, as well as leads, to keep them abreast, or even ahead, of trends.  Far more than simply the best in the field of supply distribution, Cloverleaf is the partner of choice for any business needing to keep itself informed and aware of trends in the beverage market, both now and in the future.

Coffee, more than likely.  For years now, coffee has headed the list of the most popular beverages, and the range of coffees in all available forms seems to increase almost daily.  Baristas now need to be almost as versatile as cocktail-specialist barkeepers, and they have to work just as quickly.  This is why the new ranges of cream chargers, cream dispensers and cream whippers are flying off the shelves of the wholesale warehouses and into retail outlets, and from there to restaurants, cafés and residences. 

Whipped cream is an essential ingredient in many popular recipes, as cooks and chefs know, but whipping cream has never been a favourite task; now, nitro (N20) tools are at hand to take the chore into the 21st century.

Party time, or day to day selling; what is the customer, or guest, expecting? The Old Favourites need to top the list here.  These are the products that no retailer, wholesaler, or party host can afford to run out of.  Of course it’s a good idea to be able to offer something new, something different, something slightly avant garde, but your customer, or your guest, is likely to be disappointed and surprised if they cannot have Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, root or ginger beer or one of the more popular brands of orange juice.

For some years, these brands have been heading the lists of popular beverages, and there is little sign of that changing to any significant degree.

But there is still plenty of room for innovation, and cocktails head the popular drinks lists in most bars, with bartenders and other staff taking a pride in the range they can offer.  Chefs too have a part to play, and the increasing popularity of food photography, now taking the name foodporn, is greeted by some with enthusiasm, and by others with resignation; it is probably here to stay. 

That being the case, it had better look good.  And an efficient cream dispenser will see that it does, whether it is called upon to demonstrate the traditional swirl on a bowl of soup, or the final touch on a five-star gateau or fruit mousse. 

Cloverleaf stands behind the distribution of these essential products, with reliability of supply, efficient deliveries, massive discounts and a support system that includes lists of leads for your marketing strategy.