Let´s Talk About Catering

There is no doubt that the catering industry is competitive, sometimes that can be hard for the business but always remember that food is essential to human beings, just like homes and offices. Food plays a special role everywhere on any occasion.  

For every wedding, communion, party, or event you need the best equipment to make sure you stand out next to the big number of competitors. 

Here are a few tips for you to follow that will make your business the BEST: 

1.- Marketing; you need to be creative with your content. Being different and thinking outside-the-box when it comes to marketing will help you be more authentic to your catering clients. 

2. Tasting events; I am sure that you know how to post on social medias and send newsletters but make sure that you are the one who hosts the tasting event because this will be the way you connect with your possible clients, and they will recommend you to their friends from this moment on. 

3.- Reward customer; if one of your customers talks about you with another possible client you need to them some reward to create loyalty. 

4.- Make it easier; use a nice and easy software to organise your agenda, create digital BEOs, a lead form, and the ability to accept credit card payments online can empower your business. 

5.- Easy menu; make sure your chef and you create a nice and easy menu. Everyone loves to have an extensive and tasty menu but simple. 

Tip for you: people don’t like to eat things they don’t know, besides if they need to do it with their hands it has to be an easy bite. 

Now that you know the basic tips to get and keep clients let’s talk about which catering equipment you need: 

  1. Table materials: At a minimum, you’ll need dinner plates, bread plates, and salad plates if you’re catering a sit-down meal 
  2. Serving equipment: you will need to serve the clients at the table so don’t forget serving trays, water pitchers, napkins, bottle openers and so on. 
  3. Buffet equipment: You’ll need the same items if you’re serving a buffet, but placement will be different and you’ll require a few extra hands. It’s more common for items to be inadvertently dropped or broken in a buffet setting. 
  4. Additional Items: You’ll need a whole list of practical equipment for off-premise catering as well. 

Catering life is intense and everything can happen during an event, so make sure that you are ready for any tornado
Hopefully this was helpful for you and we can not wait to see you next week 😊 

Mobile catering is growing faster by the day. Nowadays there are over 20,000 businesses in the US that work in this field.

But not only in the US, everywhere in the world it has become a trend to have a mobile catering truck, so if you want to be in fashion there aren´t too many hurdles to stop you.

Before you start this amazing adventure there are a few things you need to think about

  • Invest in the right trailer

This is the most important thing, if you don´t have a truck you  can’t have mobile catering services, depending on the food that you want to offer you need to have one type or another.

Always think of the equipment that you´re going to need and who´s going to supply it -check cloverleafdistribution.com.

  • Choose your staff well

Sometimes it´s difficult to work in a small space, and it´s even more annoying if you´re working with someone that never smiles, so if you are the owner of a mobile catering truck, make sure you hire someone with the right attitude.

  • Be unique

As you know, there are a lot of trucks that do the same as you, so make sure that you are unique, create something completely innovative that changes the rules.

Nowadays a food truck isn´t just sandwiches and sodas, it´s much more than that. You need to impress your customers with a different type of menu.

  • Get a website

You need an online presence. No one will know who you are if they can´t find you on the internet.

Nowadays the internet is the front door of your restaurant and this website is the menu for your future customer. With this website you will be able to optimize your SEO and be found online easily.

  • Start a loyalty programme

Your client is your world, so make sure that whenever  someone new comes to your food truck you try to retain them. There are lots of different ways to do it but make sure that you implement at least one of them to retain customers.

  • Invest in a food blogger outreach

A good marketing strategy is really important. Try to reach a food blogger who talks about you, as this will naturally help you to create conversation about your mobile catering, and soon you will be well known around your area.

  • Offer delivery  

We always recommend offering this service because not everyone likes to eat outdoors. And it will also be good for you because you will reach a larger number of potential customers.

Success in mobile catering is not easy, because there is a lot of competition and all these competitors want the same audience as you, so you need to be creative enough to employ different strategies from the other trucks and create loyalty with your customers. You will win the race with the help of these tips.

Have a lovely week 😊