Ten Hot New CBD Products to Hit The Market

CBD shots! CBD Products and particularly these CBD drinks are flying off Cloverleaf’s giant racks and down the chain to the retail shops on the High Streets, where their reputation for boosting energy and intensifying focus is ensuring their places on the Best Seller lists. Citrus Blast and Berry Blast are becoming firm favourites, and for relaxation and chilling out, Cloverleaf offers Peach Tea and Watermelon.

CBD Gummies are something to catch the eye, and the taste buds, and these chewy favourites combine a taste blast with the health benefits and relaxation to be gained from CBD oil. Cloverleaf offers a range of flavours and shapes, attractively packaged to catch the retail customer’s eye, and to ensure a steady flow of repeat orders from the shops on the high street to wholesalers and on up the distribution chain. Gummies can be in the pretty green and white of apple rings, or brilliant rainbow colours or pastel shades of Gummy Bears. Speaking of rainbows, there are the popular Rainbow Ribbons, too. Watermelon rings come in pink and white, as you would expect, and all these are available in three different sizes – 4 oz/250 mg, 8 oz/500 mg and 16 oz/1000 mg. They are in sweet flavours or sour, and the new Sour Worms are leaving the shops almost more quickly than they can be restocked.

And the last of the new cbd products in CBD from Cloverleaf – Vape Juices. There are three flavours here, Menthol, Purple Rain and Tiger’s Blood, sold in six packs, colourfully and attractively packaged to catch the eye and ensure quick sales.

Cloverleaf Distribution’s reputation for reliability and generous discounts is making it a favourite at the top end of the chain, and is ensuring that its clients benefit from regular supplies, from marketing links and tips, and from an expanding range of goods that appeal to retail customers of every age.

Cannabidiol oil is derived from the cannabis or marijuana plant, but unlike the drug that is smoked for its mind-altering properties, CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

There is evidence that it gives pain relief, as well as alleviating anxiety and depression. Many cancer patients claim that it relieves the symptoms, not only of the cancer itself, but the side effects of treatment, for example, nausea and vomiting which often follow chemotherapy. Its anti-inflammatory properties have helped acne sufferers, and recent research is showing promising results in its efficacy in treating epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and heart disease. Pet owners have found a range of benefits from the use of the oil, from reducing anxiety to bringing a shine to a healthy coat.

It is small wonder that demand for CBD oil is increasing,
Medicinal CBD oil is sometimes difficult to find, and it can be expensive. Luckily, the benefits of the oil can be obtained through delicious drinks, a range of sweets, and even vapes. Cloverleaf Distribution has these products on the shelf and ready to move down the chain, from distributors to wholesalers, on to retailers, and into the hands of an increasing number of customers, who will certainly be back for more. Supported by more than generous discounts, unrivalled reliability, and marketing tips and links to boost sales, Cloverleaf’s clients are passing on products ranging from biscuits to ease joint pain or calm anxiety, a spray for quick results in an emergency, and a superb shampoo – and that’s just for the dog.

Then there are the luxury items of lavender lotion and lip or muscle balm, for clients themselves rather than their dogs, an anti-aging eye serum, shampoo and a wonderful hemp charcoal face mask.
Seriously cool.

Oral sprays, spearmint or strawberry, in three different sizes. Clients will probably buy the small one first, but they will be back, wanting more, and wanting the better value, for you as well as them, of the larger bottles.
Cloverleaf Distribution for the best and the coolest in the latest CBD products.

Such a lot has been written about Cannabidiol (CBD oil) recently, and it seems to have been recommended as a remedy for a huge range of ailments and disorders. What exactly is CBD, and why has it suddenly become so popular?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the active ingredients of plants in the cannabis family. But the CBD used in cosmetics and home remedies is actually derived from the hemp plant (a cousin of marijuana) and does not cause a “high.” Until fairly recently the legal status of CBD was unclear in many parts of the world, but nowadays it is accepted in most European countries as a legitimate ingredient of cosmetics and supplements.

So, you can use CBD without getting arrested. But why should you?

There is still a lot of research to be done into the medical uses of CBD, but some of its benefits are now widely accepted. In particular, parents of children with a distressing type of epilepsy have testified to its effectiveness in reducing the number of seizures they had to suffer. Check out the web – there are plenty of videos to be found online demonstrating the startling results of CBD for these children.

For other health conditions, the research evidence is less clear-cut, but there has been no shortage of personal testimony about the benefits CBD has brought to people with a wide range of conditions. Often, they have turned to CBD as a final resort after years of suffering from complaints which conventional medicine seemed unable to help.

It seems that many people have found that CBD can help them with problems that seemed to be permanent.

One example is insomnia. There have been studies suggesting that CBD oil can help both with falling asleep and sleeping for longer.

CBD is also used by people suffering from anxiety. Again, there are studies suggesting that it may be effective for a number of types of anxiety, such as

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • panic disorder
  • social anxiety disorder

Some people suffering from these hard-to-treat conditions report that CBD brings gentle relief without the side effects of normal anxiety medication.

There’s also reason to believe that CBD can help with chronic pain, such as back pain, which may go on for years and become resistant to drugs. Some researchers are working on the theory that CBD reacts with receptors in the brain. These receptors are tiny proteins attached to your cells which receive chemical signals and respond in various ways, which can involve pain. CBD can create anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. There have been studies showing that CBD can help with chronic pain such as

  • cancer pain
  • arthritis
  • neuropathic pain
  • fibromyalgia

without the side-effects associated with pain-killing drugs such as opioids.

As well as being taken internally, CBD can be applied to the skin as a gel, ointment or massage oil. There is some promising research evidence for this too. The gel worked on rats with swollen joints! – and they hadn’t read the publicity.

So, there are plenty of reasons to think that CBD oil is at least worth a try for anxiety, insomnia, pain and inflammation, even when conventional medicine is not working. However, because CBD products are sold as supplements rather than drugs, it’s important to check that the source is reliable – some products contain very low concentrations of CBD and may also include contaminants. Choose with care.

Recently it’s been hard to pick up a newspaper or magazine without reading something about the wonderful powers of CBD.

But what is CBD? Well, CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is an oil found in hemp. It’s the non-psychotropic element of the hemp plant, as opposed to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active element of marijuana. So CBD is legal, and doesn’t have the mind-altering effects associated with cannabis. (According to the World Health Organization: “To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”)

But CBD does have some astonishing qualities as a natural healing product, whether taken internally, or applied to the skin. It has properties including the ability to calm skin by reducing inflammation and has been shown to help in treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Because of these abilities, it is increasingly being used as a key ingredient in beauty products. CBD alleviates redness and irritation in the skin by controlling the body’s production of cytokines, a group of proteins that interact with the immune system and are associated with inflammation, and also with skin pain; so hemp cosmetics may be a good choice for painful and inflamed skin.

Hemp oil products are also recommended for dry skin, as the natural oil replenishes natural skin oils and helps to lock in moisture. CBD oil is a rich source of fatty acids and other nutrients for the skin, so may also have ant-ageing properties; as skin inflammation is a major cause of lines and wrinkles, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are likely to be helpful too.

Research into the effectiveness of CBD products for the skin is still in its early stages. But many people have found that hemp-based cosmetics are beneficial for them. For those seeking natural cosmetics which do not contain animal products, CBD cosmetics are an obvious choice. Why not see if they work for you?

The answer to this question that is given by many pet owners is ‘Yes’. Cannabidiol, which is almost always derived from hemp rather than marijuana, has been found to calm nervous dogs and cats, and to help with pain relief, particularly where arthritis is concerned. Most of the information is anecdotal, but a sufficiently high number of people have asserted that their pets have benefited from CBD oil to make the claim convincing. It seems to have a calming effect without any serious side effects, and indeed if there are any side effects they have only been detected in human beings; dry mouth, drowsiness, and occasionally light-headedness. Veterinary surgeons who prescribe CBD oil suggest owners should be aware of them, but they have not been reported in cats or dogs.

Cannabidiol should not be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that gives marijuana its ‘mind-altering’ properties, which should never be given to animals.

Gentle, harmless and beneficial, CBD oil and products derived from it from a reputable supplier is something that a caring owner will hold in readiness. Cloverleaf uses pure hemp in the products it offers to support and improve the health and well-being of domestic pets, and those products can be used with confidence. Cloverleaf offers biscuits which dogs in particular find delicious, and which have a calming effect and help with joint mobility. They also produce a spray that is efficacious and simple to administers, and a hemp shampoo for the shiny coat that is a strong indication of a healthy dog.

Yes, CBD oil can help pets. Make sure you use the best: Cloverleaf.

Christmas is coming and home baking is becoming a trending topic in each kitchen. Nowadays it is not only in big restaurants that you can find good chefs, but there are also those in our homes and, after the first lockdown, even more.

Cream chargers become essential in each house to be able to make the dream cake, so nowadays spatulas and wooden spoons are not enough. Even the very one and only Jamie Oliver will give you the thumbs up with this affirmation.

One of the greatest benefits of using nitrous oxide cream chargers is their versatility. When it comes to making amazing food and beverages with a dispenser and chargers, the possibilities of chargers are almost limitless.

The number of things you can do with this type of dispenser is impressive, from making whipped creams and foams to marinating meats and even seafood! This is the best thing about having a cream whipper in your home; you can experiment with lots of different food and drinks to find something that you really enjoy.

Always remember that the look of the food is important. I guess you prefer to eat a cake that looks nice rather than something that looks bad even if it tastes better. This is what the cream charger does, it is the makeup for the food.

To find out more about cream chargers and the other products available on our website, visit the products section at www.cloverleafdistribution.com. Should you have any further questions about our products, you can contact us on +44 (0) 8000096718 and we will do our best to help you with your inquiry
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There is no doubt that the catering industry is competitive, sometimes that can be hard for the business but always remember that food is essential to human beings, just like homes and offices. Food plays a special role everywhere on any occasion.  

For every wedding, communion, party, or event you need the best equipment to make sure you stand out next to the big number of competitors. 

Here are a few tips for you to follow that will make your business the BEST: 

1.- Marketing; you need to be creative with your content. Being different and thinking outside-the-box when it comes to marketing will help you be more authentic to your catering clients. 

2. Tasting events; I am sure that you know how to post on social medias and send newsletters but make sure that you are the one who hosts the tasting event because this will be the way you connect with your possible clients, and they will recommend you to their friends from this moment on. 

3.- Reward customer; if one of your customers talks about you with another possible client you need to them some reward to create loyalty. 

4.- Make it easier; use a nice and easy software to organise your agenda, create digital BEOs, a lead form, and the ability to accept credit card payments online can empower your business. 

5.- Easy menu; make sure your chef and you create a nice and easy menu. Everyone loves to have an extensive and tasty menu but simple. 

Tip for you: people don’t like to eat things they don’t know, besides if they need to do it with their hands it has to be an easy bite. 

Now that you know the basic tips to get and keep clients let’s talk about which catering equipment you need: 

  1. Table materials: At a minimum, you’ll need dinner plates, bread plates, and salad plates if you’re catering a sit-down meal 
  2. Serving equipment: you will need to serve the clients at the table so don’t forget serving trays, water pitchers, napkins, bottle openers and so on. 
  3. Buffet equipment: You’ll need the same items if you’re serving a buffet, but placement will be different and you’ll require a few extra hands. It’s more common for items to be inadvertently dropped or broken in a buffet setting. 
  4. Additional Items: You’ll need a whole list of practical equipment for off-premise catering as well. 

Catering life is intense and everything can happen during an event, so make sure that you are ready for any tornado
Hopefully this was helpful for you and we can not wait to see you next week 😊 

What an interesting subject to talk about! I want to mention this amazing spice because I have always been deeply curious about it. Finally it is here with us in Cloverleaf Distribution.

Let me start by telling you the story. Since time immemorial this spice has had many different uses, but always with a focus on nature, health, and cooking.

Saffron comes from India; it has always been a very versatile substance. The first data indicate that it was used as a spice five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, then it went to Egypt.  It was Arabs who introduced saffron to the Iberian peninsula and it spread from there.

A beautiful fact: because the saffron rose blooms at sunrise and must remain on the stem for as little time as possible as it withers and its flowers lose colour and aroma, it must be collected between dawn and ten in the morning.

Here at Cloverleaf Distribution we are honoured to sell this incredible spice. Saffron tea gives you relief from stress, improves efficiency, builds healthy cholesterol and improves the overall mood. In addition, the capsules we use are 100% vegan from plant-based material and not gelatine, and the tea is pure saffron.

Let us point out some benefits. Saffron:

  1. is antidepressive            
  2. protects against toxins  
  3. reduces appetite 
  4. improves memory
  5. takes care of your skin 

There are many more benefits that we could mention about this amazing spice but I want to bring up another important fact about saffron. The relief when you drink saffron tea is tremendous, and it is amazing when you cook with it too.

Now it is saffron’s turn in the kitchen. For a long time saffron has been used as a spice in multiple recipes (colouring and aromatic) to give a yellowish colour to food.

Not using saffron correctly can leave us dissatisfied or even ruin the full meal, so here are a few recommendations.

First things first, get quality saffron that is 100% saffron. The most recommended is Saffron in Thread since it is easy to identify. There are a few things you should know if you want to use it in your kitchen:

  1. Good saffron is roasted in a traditional way by experienced artisans, which give it an intense red colour. If it is dark or too black it means that it has lost its quality.
  2. The aroma that the spice gives off should be pleasant and soft, like a quality perfume.
  3. It should be kept away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place.   

That’s the end of our post from this week, we will see you next time 😊!

Mobile catering is growing faster by the day. Nowadays there are over 20,000 businesses in the US that work in this field.

But not only in the US, everywhere in the world it has become a trend to have a mobile catering truck, so if you want to be in fashion there aren´t too many hurdles to stop you.

Before you start this amazing adventure there are a few things you need to think about

  • Invest in the right trailer

This is the most important thing, if you don´t have a truck you  can’t have mobile catering services, depending on the food that you want to offer you need to have one type or another.

Always think of the equipment that you´re going to need and who´s going to supply it -check cloverleafdistribution.com.

  • Choose your staff well

Sometimes it´s difficult to work in a small space, and it´s even more annoying if you´re working with someone that never smiles, so if you are the owner of a mobile catering truck, make sure you hire someone with the right attitude.

  • Be unique

As you know, there are a lot of trucks that do the same as you, so make sure that you are unique, create something completely innovative that changes the rules.

Nowadays a food truck isn´t just sandwiches and sodas, it´s much more than that. You need to impress your customers with a different type of menu.

  • Get a website

You need an online presence. No one will know who you are if they can´t find you on the internet.

Nowadays the internet is the front door of your restaurant and this website is the menu for your future customer. With this website you will be able to optimize your SEO and be found online easily.

  • Start a loyalty programme

Your client is your world, so make sure that whenever  someone new comes to your food truck you try to retain them. There are lots of different ways to do it but make sure that you implement at least one of them to retain customers.

  • Invest in a food blogger outreach

A good marketing strategy is really important. Try to reach a food blogger who talks about you, as this will naturally help you to create conversation about your mobile catering, and soon you will be well known around your area.

  • Offer delivery  

We always recommend offering this service because not everyone likes to eat outdoors. And it will also be good for you because you will reach a larger number of potential customers.

Success in mobile catering is not easy, because there is a lot of competition and all these competitors want the same audience as you, so you need to be creative enough to employ different strategies from the other trucks and create loyalty with your customers. You will win the race with the help of these tips.

Have a lovely week 😊

Six Tips to operate a more sustainable hotel kitchen

At Cloverleaf Distribution we know that retention is the key to success and the cultivation of sustainable employees protects the longevity of the business, having that in mind, we are on board to collaborate with all our hospitality colleagues.

Throughout this article we will talk about how to operate in a kitchen to be more sustainable.

As everyone knows nobody understands more about optimizing hotel kitchens than the chefs and their teams.

We consider the following ones the top 6 tips to improve the sustainability in your kitchens.

Whatever role you play in a hotel or restaurant, if you teach your team in a daily basis it will be really easy.

  1. Work from real-time occupancy/delegate forecasts and do not over-order or over-prepare breakfast or event buffets.
  2. Reduce the preheating time to fifteen minutes before an appliance is needed – this can save up to 60% of the energy used in cooking.
  3. Avoid thawing food under running water and avoid using running water to melt ice in sink strainers.
  4.  Introduce food waste reduction strategies and invest in technology to help you measure, manage and reduce food waste. 
  5. When oil starts boiling, turn hobs down to the minimum to simmer (boiling does not speed up the cooking process).
  6. Install fridges/freezers to fully aired spots, never close to heating equipment – you save up to 5% energy and reduce the temperature of 1°C in the room.

By focusing on these areas, hotel and restaurant staff will not only increase their sustainability standards, but also, they will improve the overall efficiency of the kitchen’s operation

Cloverleaf works in close partnership with our suppliers overseas to develop new and more environment-friendly products.

We truly aspire to maintain our status as a leading company providing a competitive advantage and appropriate standards for the environment.