Saffron Tea

Saffron Tea

What an interesting subject to talk about! I want to mention this amazing spice because I have always been deeply curious about it. Finally it is here with us in Cloverleaf Distribution.

Let me start by telling you the story. Since time immemorial this spice has had many different uses, but always with a focus on nature, health, and cooking.

Saffron comes from India; it has always been a very versatile substance. The first data indicate that it was used as a spice five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, then it went to Egypt.  It was Arabs who introduced saffron to the Iberian peninsula and it spread from there.

A beautiful fact: because the saffron rose blooms at sunrise and must remain on the stem for as little time as possible as it withers and its flowers lose colour and aroma, it must be collected between dawn and ten in the morning.

Here at Cloverleaf Distribution we are honoured to sell this incredible spice. Saffron tea gives you relief from stress, improves efficiency, builds healthy cholesterol and improves the overall mood. In addition, the capsules we use are 100% vegan from plant-based material and not gelatine, and the tea is pure saffron.

Let us point out some benefits. Saffron:

  1. is antidepressive            
  2. protects against toxins  
  3. reduces appetite 
  4. improves memory
  5. takes care of your skin 

There are many more benefits that we could mention about this amazing spice but I want to bring up another important fact about saffron. The relief when you drink saffron tea is tremendous, and it is amazing when you cook with it too.

Now it is saffron’s turn in the kitchen. For a long time saffron has been used as a spice in multiple recipes (colouring and aromatic) to give a yellowish colour to food.

Not using saffron correctly can leave us dissatisfied or even ruin the full meal, so here are a few recommendations.

First things first, get quality saffron that is 100% saffron. The most recommended is Saffron in Thread since it is easy to identify. There are a few things you should know if you want to use it in your kitchen:

  1. Good saffron is roasted in a traditional way by experienced artisans, which give it an intense red colour. If it is dark or too black it means that it has lost its quality.
  2. The aroma that the spice gives off should be pleasant and soft, like a quality perfume.
  3. It should be kept away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place.   

That’s the end of our post from this week, we will see you next time 😊!