People may not know this, but the cuisine of India is one of the most famous internationally.

The key to every cuisine is being prepared. If you love cooking Indian and Asian food, your kitchen should have all the right tools and gadgets needed for a successful and authentic meal.

Within Hindu cuisine, apart from the cooking methods known to all (frying, roasting, boiling, sautéing …), we found other traditional ones that have been maintained over the years such as  Korma, Tandoor and Curry

These are the top tools for Indian cuisine every Indian food lover should have in their kitchen for the easiest cooking!
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Pressure cooker
Having a good quality pressure cooker is a must. Other than cooking lentils and beans, you can also cook a pulao or rice in the cooker. It gets ready in an instant!!!

The Belan is a type of rolling pin, specifically created for Indian flatbreads such as chapatis. Unlike typical rolling pins, the Belan is much smaller and lighter.

The balls of dough are spread out like pancakes with a roller and a board called Chakla Belan. They are cooked on a plate or a sort of stove called Tawa in India 

Kadai or Bottom Deep Fry Pan
A Kadai is like a wok but deeper with steeper sides and a flat bottom, which makes it ideal for deep-frying salty food and sweet treats.

Stainless Steel Knives
To cook an Indian dish, I bust out this very affordable and heroic knife, since Indian food prep is all about extra-fine chopping.
Although they do look delicate, they are dishwasher-friendly and very sturdy.

Tawa is certainly the best way to cook flatbreads such chapatis and rotis. It is a circular and slightly concave griddle pan.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right item to cook the perfect Indian meal, but we give you examples of similar equipment above.

Indian cuisine is renowned for its flavour. Flavour is only possible with great technique, that is why these Indian tools are going to help you perfect your technique and make your cooking easier!

See you next week… 😊