Can you take cream chargers on a plane?

Can you take cream chargers on a plane?

No, you may not.  They are powered by N20 (nitrous oxide) and these fall under the HAZMAT (hazardous material) list. 

To put it simply, they are oxidizers, or accelerants, which sets them among the ‘fire hazard’ elements.  Any kind of pressurized gas is subject to explosion, and the only exception to the air travel rule are personal medical oxygen cylinders.

However, this prohibition is not really a problem.  Cream chargers are easily available almost anywhere in the world.  Whether you are looking for the traditional bulb-type charger, each one of which will allow you to whip half a litre of cream, or the new Smartwhip charger for the professional kitchen, with a colossal 580 grams of E942 Nitrous Oxide, leaving your staff with their hands free to deal with the more demanding tasks of creative cookery, you should have no difficulty in finding what you need. 

Cloverleaf Distribution has ample supplies ready to go, and the distribution chain is simple and efficient.  Offering not only massive discounts, but also reliability of supply, and marketing tips and links, nobody, from the hobby or family cook to the most demanding teams of professional chefs in five star hotels throughout the world, should have any difficulty is finding cream chargers, no matter what the airlines may have to say about the matter.

Nobody today needs to be whipping cream with a hand whisk, or an electric beater.  Cream dispensers or whippers leave that chore back where it belongs, in the twentieth century, and skilled kitchen staff almost everywhere are using modern equipment, the cream whippers that do the job even better than the best work force.  Chefs, cooks and bar staff, cocktail waiters and baristas, presenting their creations to their customers with pride and professionalism, add the finishing touches of the swirl of cream to soup, the airy fluff to mousse, the tower to a colourful dessert, simply with the press of a lever.

Unless they happen to be airline cabin crew.

Sorry about that.