Rising Beverage Opportunities, International beverage industry statistics

Rising Beverage Opportunities, International beverage industry statistics

Whilst suppliers at all levels from major distributors to small retail outlets need to ensure they carry sufficient stocks of the favourites, it would not be wise of them to ignore new trends.

With the global beverage market estimated to rise from US$1,544.61 billion in 2018 to US$1.854.589 billion by 2024, suppliers need to keep themselves aware of the likely best-sellers.  If they do not stock the top five crazes in hot or cold drinks, they can be sure that their competitors will, and losing customers to the competition is the surest way to start their own trend – downhill.

Luckily, forward-thinking suppliers do not need to spend time every day checking detailed global statistics in order to make careful decisions about how many units of Arabica coffee to stock, as opposed to the new line from Columbia.  Speciality coffees are one of the fastest growing sectors in the hot drinks field, but which one will the customers request, and which may sit on the shelf beyond the date on which it can be sold? Do slow sales this week mean that the purchase was a mistake, or will they pick up after the new advertising campaign?

Cocktail waiters, chefs, cooks and baristas will certainly be looking at instafood, igfood, and the food photography that takes up an increasing percentage of the pages of popular magazines, and the best of them, or even the simply competent, will know what they need by way of ingredients.  That information will be passed back to whoever is responsible for ordering, but chefs and managers are not often statistical analysts, nor market forecasters.  Indeed, even those who are very knowledgeable tend to admit that knowing what will be popular next month, let alone next year, is a task for a crystal ball gazer rather than a market analyst. 

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